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doctorwho: my nephew is the littlest of the doctor’s incarnations! he loves to sleep with his sonic posted: April 9th • 11:45
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rubycosmos asked: To the person having differences of opinion about the new Doctor with their friends: I'm in the exact same situation and it's no fun. But remember what Capaldi said when he was announced: Doctor Who belongs to everyone. It isn't fun to disagree with friends. But I told myself that if the new Doctor can be understanding of and welcoming to every type of fan, I should try to be, too. I hope your friends decide to give it a try, but if not, I hope they'll be understanding of you in return. ♥♥


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Hi, so, you’re probably wondering why I am asking for money, and the answer’s pretty simple.

Basically, in March of 2015, I will be in Italy on a foreign exchange program. Studying abroad and foreign exchange programs have appealed to me since I was a little girl, and so, when I heard about this…

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